When They Come To Waylay Me
when they close in for the capture

i did it all, i did it all

for the love, and the laughter

i did it all, i did it all, i did it all

I wonder if Misty is still spinning?


L.A. Noire for life!

warning for ahs spoilers:
so if someone killed queenie while she was using her powers on someone else, would it kill both of them? And my childhood crush on Angela Bassett has been rekindled, wowiezowie she looks amazing. Emma Roberts won me over and I never expected that to happen. She might end up my fave of the 4 girls - what even. Who wants to bet she didn’t kill that director just because he told her to find her light, but she lied to maintain her mean diva facade?

this episode was hard to watch, though. exciting and shocking with a bad aftertaste. a lot of spectacle and intrigue but actually quite a downer.

the only time i ever feel like an original thinker on tumblr is when i accidentally search a typo and there’s “no posts found”

momster week

A haiku about Bates Motel


A cute family
Now there’s blood everywhere
Can’t wait till next year


Ain’t no friendship like a friendship where you’re either confused as siblings or gay lovers

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thank you, warehouse 13.

thank you, warehouse 13.

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you get a doppleganger! and you get a doppleganger! everybody gets a doppleganger!

what i learned from watching the vampire diaries when all of my shows are on hiatus

Spoiler TV: Community - Renewed


#..now if only they would bring DAN HARMON BACK

50 years from now

interviewer: and did you have any inkling on that day when you impulse bought those farscape dvds on sale with your tax refund just what kind of impact it would have on your life?
me: no, no idea, actually
me: *shakes surgically attached forehead tentacles from side-to-side*
me: no frelling clue

Totally called the Scorvian plot-twist the instant Aeryn had the same wtf look on her face as I did at the end of that fight.

evil cardigan


43 tvtropes tabs open help me